Launch of New Firm for International Companies in Ghana



A new Accra-based consulting firm CQTCS has opened its doors to international companies looking to establish a presence and conduct business in Ghana. 

The newly-formed CQTCS team has decades of experience helping international businesses form companies and navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape in Ghana. A combination of innovative technology, and comprehensive expertise from lawyers and corporate experts is how the new firm mitigates risks for clients, helping to achieve their business objectives. 

Ghana has long been considered a success story and a model for African development. However, the country overspent on infrastructure, defaulted on debts, and was recently bailed out with $3bn from the International Monetary Fund.

Despite the aforementioned economic turmoil and hyperinflation,  shrewd investors remain keen with CQTCS reporting significant interest from large organisations across Africa, Europe and the United States. 

The Ghanaian government and dynamic private sector are welcoming international partnerships and the country seems to remain an attractive long-term proposition, prompting the recent launch of  CQTCS.

British-Ghanaian Cynthia Quarcoo has decades of Entity Formation & Management, Training & Capacity Building, and Board Support Services representing institutional clients looking to establish a foothold in Ghana, After practicing in London for a decade, Quarcoo is Managing Partner of leading Ghanaian law firm CQ Legal and is now looking to replicate this level of success with recently launched consultants, CQTCS.

Ms Quarcoo says “Judging from the approaches we have already received, there appears to be long-term international belief in the recovery of the Ghanaian economy. This may partially be due to Ghana transitioning to the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, and, although complex, the legal system is one of the most transparent in Africa which gives further comfort to investors. With continued Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and strong fiscal policy, the view seems to be that Ghana can thrive again, and international investors are recognising opportunity.”